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Baking Tip – Greasing Your Pan

Whenever you are baking (whether it’s boxed or from scratch) your always informed to “grease your pan”.

There are many ways you can go about doing this:

– Pam

– Butter

– Olive Oil

I’ve found the most effective way is with Crisco and flour.

With the other options I listed, you can burn or affect the flavor of the “crust” portion of whatever you are baking, but with these two ingredients that will not happen. The Crisco absorbs into the flour then the flour bakes into your product.


First, take a piece of paper towel and scoop some Crisco onto it.

Start rubbing it thoroughly and evenly on your pan.

Once that’s complete, sprinkle flour all over.

Then shake and rock your pan until completely coated.

Make sure all corners and creases are coated too!

You’ll be left with some extra flour… so just dump it over a sink or trash and give it a good hit on the bottom side to dispose.

You’ll be left with a perfectly greased pan!