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HELLO! Remember me?

Phew… it’s been quite a crazy 5 months since I’ve last posted!

Let me do a quick “speed” catch up for you…



I am now a part-time waitress at a wonderful restaurant called…

I decided to not go back to a full-time job since I am trying to raise my three kiddos…

oh yeah, so my baby… is 9 months old already!

Can you believe it?


Here is the chain of events that have had me trying to figure out my new “Life Routine”


Got the job!

Now enjoying the great perks too…


Sister-in-law got diagnosed with cancer. 😦

 Don’t worry… she’s doing GREAT!

(You can follow her journey at her blog LilBlueBoo.)


My first daughter turned 2!


Best friend had a bachelorette party…

 Wine tasting! Used coupons too!


Then she got married!


“Choose Joy” Luncheon for my Sister-in-Law!


AND SO MUCH MORE… that filled in all the cracks of these stories!

Sports, events, etc.


I still coupon aggressively!

With all the formula, diapers, packed lunches… the list goes on!

I still LOVE to save money.

I will periodically post my finds and coupon “sneak peaks”.

Just the other day I went to target and got my $190 dollar bill down to $98! It was almost a $100 savings!

Glad to be back… and remember…

 Words to live by.



Holy Coupon Inserts!!!

Since it’s sort of gloomy Sunday here… I decided to do laundry and coupon organizing.

I’ve let my inserts from the past month or so kind of get out of control!

I’m using my guest bed as my coupon organizing table right now.


And this looks better then it did!!!

Congratulations to Jessica Duncan!!!!

Congratulations to Jessica Duncan for winning the Fun Fan Giveaway contest!!!

We’ve already exchanged emails and I will be mailing her NEW ULTIMATE ORGANIZER out!


It’ll come FULLY LOADED and with Lot’s of COUPONS!

Great Job!


Last One of This Kind!

I am down to my last Ultimate Velcro Binder…

Not-so-Mellow YELLOW!

Comes Loaded with all your goodies!

2 Inch (3 Ring) Binder

5 Tab Filing system inside.

Velcro Secure Closing.

On Sale for $50.50 (Free Shipping)

If Interested, Click LINK (picture) Below.

They Were On Clearance… & YOU Get the Deal!

I AM going to stop selling organizers and only do the kits… but of course I went to my local office supply store and went to the clearance aisle and saw this beautiful sight!!!

All of these binders were marked 50% off!

So of course I swooped them ALL up.

They are CaseIt, Heavy Duty, Zippered Binders.

2 Inch Rings (3 Rings)

Handle on the outside, shoulder strap as well.

And I have left over goodies to include with them.

I originally sold these for $52.50 (Free S/H)

But I decided to give MY savings to YOU and am selling these for

$45.50 (Free S/H)

If you are interested then click the Link (Picture) Below

My Apologies for Flaking on Your Savings!!!

I’ve been busy!

Between training at my new job, the kids and ALL the organizers I’ve been selling… I haven’t had much time to blog or do coupon researching in the past few days!

But today I was able to get a large stock of organizers out of my office and it’s also my last day of training at my new job, so I’ll be able to focus on helping you all save money again soon!

As some of you may already know, I’ve decided to stop selling my organizers once my stock is depleted.

I’m well on my way…



ALL of my Extreme & Ultimate Organizers have been sold and I am down to just 6 intermediate and 6 beginners.

Once these are gone, I’ll only be selling kits for all to make their own organizers!

So after a lot of organizer building and A LOT of Red Vine eating…

… I shipped the last of my Extreme and Ultimate organizers off!

I’ll go to work for my final night of training tonight, wake up tomorrow… and start digging my face in ads and finding more GREAT deals!

Stay tuned.


$25 Gift Certificates for $1 at



You can get $25.00 Gift Certificates for…


You can get Gift Certificates to places like:


Go to the website now and get your Gift Certificate!


Herbal Essences & Aussie… CVS Scenario

Great Deal on Herbal Essences & Aussie at:

Right now they are having a sale of ALL Herbal Essences and Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner for $2.66ea

If you still have your coupon from the redplum 8/07

Well then your in luck… because if you are an Herbal Essence user like me… you’ll be at the store TOMORROW to get your Shampoo and Conditioners at $1.66ea!

These one’s are mine and my husbands favorite!

2 Coupons = $3.32 for the pair.

See My $19.95 Purse from JustFab (It’s Amazing)

Do you remember my short posting about the website:

Click image to read the Sept 1st post.

I just received that purse in the mail today that I got for only $19.95 w/free shipping!

I am AMAZED at the quality of this purse.

The picture did it no justice at all.

It LOOKS and FEELS way better in person.

It’s much larger then I thought too!

I could use it for a purse/diaper bag in one!

The inside is nice too:

If I didn’t know any better and I saw this purse on a stranger walking by, I would guess they paid at LEAST $50.00 for it.

And I got it for $19.95 Free Shipping just for signing up and taking the fun peronalized quiz.

On top of that… they sent me a $25.00 Coupon Code to

You should definately check out the site.

Target Clearance Scenario

SUPER TARGET Clearance Scenario

My son is back to school for Pre-K and although money is tight… I don’t think it’s fair if he goes to school wearing all of his old cloths from last spring.

I always feel better about buying his cloths as long as I feel I got a good deal or didn’t pay full price.

Right now the Target Coupon Website reloaded their Kids’ Denim Coupon.

You can print it twice for every computer you have… since I have two computers… I got 4 coupons!

(Plus you can call friends and family and ask them to print some out for you too!)

Right now Target has A LOT of clearance items to get ready for their fall collection.

I found this AWESOME pair of denim shorts for my son on the clearance rack!

They were originally $11.99 and on clearance for $5.98…

With my $2.00 off coupon I was able to get them for $3.98!

Total savings: $8.01

My two little girls were starting to get really impatient with my scavenging so I had to leave…

But YOU BET I will be back tomorrow with my other 3 coupons to find a few more.

I will let you know all about it!

If you find any good clearance deals… Please DO share.

: )