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Need to Shave!?!

Right now through Sunday, Target it having great sales and deals where you can buy 2 of a product and get a $5 Gift Card back.

I found a really great deal on Venus Razors that I thought I’d share with all of you!


Coupons needed for this deal:

Target Coupon $5 off both Gillette Refillable Razor & Cartridge Pack (Venus is accepted) found in – RP 4/1 (Expires 4/15)

Manufacturer Coupon for $5 off both Venus Refillable Razor & Cartridge found in – P&G 4/1 (Expires 4/31)


Venus Razor Round Up

Venus Embrace Goddess-On-The-Go pack (Includes a shave gel!) – $15.49

Venus Embrace Cartridge Refill – 9.99

Sub Total – $25.48

Use both of your coupons to bring it down to $15.48

& receive a Gift Card back for $5!

Total savings $15.00!


TARGET Stackable Coupons for ENFAMIL Baby Formula!

If you are anything like me… you think prices on baby formula are outrageous!

Between all our “need” to buys… like Diapers, Formula and GAS!

I REFUSE to pay full price for the ones I don’t have too!

Here is a great deal for ENFAMIL baby formula that will save you some big bucks!

If you go to the ENFAMIL website… you can print a $5/1 coupon.

You can print two coupons per computer.


If you still have your 3/4 SS you’ll have a coupon for $5/2

 expires: 4/30/12


Now go to the Target Coupon website and print your (2) coupons for $2/1

 expires: 4/14/12


About once a month Target will put their formulas on special where you can

BUY 2 get $5 Gift Certificate in Return!


Check Out Round-up

(2) Enfamil Baby Formula (22.2oz) – $47

(2) $5/1 Manufacturer Coupon – $10

(2) $2/1 Target Coupon – $4

Total – $33

Pay with your Target Debit card for 5% off

Grand Total – $31

*Note – These are approximate totals… prices may very at your Target store

Upon checkout you’ll receive a $5 gift card back!

Total Savings of… $21!!!

(That’s almost a free can of formula!)

 Tip… break your trip into 2 transactions so that you can use the $5 GC on your second transaction for immediate savings.


Wanna Win Victoria’s Secret Coupons?

Let’s play a little game!

Who likes… No… LOVES

Victoria Secret?

I Do… I Do!!!

That’s why I get Coupons and Gift Certificates all the time!

The first person to get 10 people to like my page will have these mailed to them tomorrow!

Have your 10 people mention that you sent them and the one to get to 10 first… yours!

Holy Moly! How About Some ALMOST FREE Diapers?

Alright Extreme Couponers… Get out your extra computers, coupon inserts and you couponing talents because if you can follow this deal then you are SURE to save a MAX LOAD of money!

We are going to get you some ALMOST FREE Huggies Slip-Ons at Target.

From: Sunday 11/20 – Wednesday 11/23 Target is having a Pre-Black Friday Sale.

They are going to have the…

-FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (3) Huggies or Pampers Jumbo Packs $8.99

You should also have your:

-FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $25 worth of Kimberly Clark Products (SS 10/30)
*Cottonelle, Kleenex, Goodnites, Scott, Viva, Pull-ups, Huggies ETS

And this Sunday you’ll get:

-$2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers (SS 11/20)

And if you go HERE you can print a TARGET STORE ONLY COUPON for

-$2/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers


Here is your shopping scenario…

Buy 3 packs of Huggies Slip-Ons at $8.99ea – $26.97

Once all three are rang up the cashier will give you a $5 Target GC

Now give the Cashier the  -FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $25 worth of Kimberly Clark Products Target Coupon (SS 10/30)

You will ONCE AGAIN get a $5 Target GC

Now give the cashier (3) $2/1 Huggies Manufacturer Coupons & (3) $2/1 Target Coupons

You’ve just spent $14.97 on 3 packs of diapers and have $10 in Target GC!

Total savings $22.00

Sometimes We Get Thrown Curve Balls!

My poor son was hit with a Double Whammy…

…he had to be picked up from school yesterday due getting pink eye (which he now has in BOTH eyes)…

AND he was up ALL night coughing (in my bed of course)!

I woke up this morning, called the Dr. and brought him in.

The point of this is that sometimes we are thrown curve balls in our lives and we have to “pay” for them. (Literally)

But not always!

I will share some tips with you on how to save even in situations like this.

For my sons pink eyes, the Dr. was getting ready to write a prescription. This is when I stepped in and asked him if he happened to have any samples of this medicine.

Whaddaya know… he did! And he gave me 2!

See… Doctors make money off every prescription they write, so they won’t just offer you the samples. But if you ask… 7 out of 10 times they WILL have the sample!

Next I had to take care of my son’s cough/cold.

So I came home, jumped on the computer and immediately started searching online for coupons.

I found this website!

 Phizer Consumer Healthcare Special Offers

I was able to print off coupons for 3 different brands that would suit my situation.

I knew I was going to CVS because I had my $2.00 extracare/bucks from taking my pledge!

I then took my coupons and extracare/bucks to CVS and looked for the best deal.

I came upon this…

The LARGER bottle of Dimetapp on sale from $11.79 down to $6.99!

Used my $2.00 off online printable manufacturer coupon

and my $2.00 extracare/bucks and paid only…


What could have been a good $25 ding in my pocket between the pink eye medicine & buying cold medicine “the old way”… my entire day consisted of $2.99 for his medicines and $4.97 for his McDonalds Happy Meal medicine!

Hope this helps you all out since there is a lot of bad germs floating around right now.


Do the CVS Pledge and get a $2 Extra Care Reward!

Pledge NOT TO BE A MONEY (or reward $) TRASHER!

Click this image to do your “Pledge” and get a $2.00 extracare/rewards!

 Once you take the pledge… you’ll receive your $2.00 via email.

I already received mine!!!

Wearing M.A.C. Make-up… Get’s You FREE M.A.C. Make-up!

 Free M.A.C. (Who Knew!)

One thing I love about Facebooking… is when friends put random posts & pictures up, you actually learn something new sometimes.

Today a friend of mine posted this picture:

And she captioned it with… “About to redeem my free makeup!!!! Yay!!!”

My eyes lit up when I saw the word FREE!

I immediately started asking about it and got the responce I was looking for.

*For every 6 containers you save, you get a free eyeshadow or lipstick.*

I looked more into this and found the info on the website.

Click Image to Go to Link

Later on in the day… that same friend posted the picture of her 4 new FREE eyeshadows.

What she does is buys these palettes and transfers all of her single shadows into it so she can collect the empty canisters quicker.

Here’s hers…

This is the extra info she gave me too:

    • “They can be 6 empties of any plastic hard MAC container, so blushes and paint pots work also. I bought 2 eyeshadow palettes from MAC and de-potted all my eyeshadows (28) and replanted them into the palettes. I then took my empty containers and redeemed my free makeup 🙂 Its called Back to MAC. If you go to a free standing store you have a choice of eye shadow, lipstick and lipgloss. If you go to a counter (like at Macys) you only get lipstick. And if you buy the eyeshadows at the time you purchase palettes, the price of eye shadow goes from $15 to $11.50. It’s an amazing program and recycling is always a good thing :)”

Thanks for the tips Jessica!

See My $19.95 Purse from JustFab (It’s Amazing)

Do you remember my short posting about the website:

Click image to read the Sept 1st post.

I just received that purse in the mail today that I got for only $19.95 w/free shipping!

I am AMAZED at the quality of this purse.

The picture did it no justice at all.

It LOOKS and FEELS way better in person.

It’s much larger then I thought too!

I could use it for a purse/diaper bag in one!

The inside is nice too:

If I didn’t know any better and I saw this purse on a stranger walking by, I would guess they paid at LEAST $50.00 for it.

And I got it for $19.95 Free Shipping just for signing up and taking the fun peronalized quiz.

On top of that… they sent me a $25.00 Coupon Code to

You should definately check out the site.

Get Gifts for Buying Diapers

If you have any babies or toddlers,

then you are buying LOTS of diapers like me!

I have a baby AND a toddler, so I am buying double.

Here is something you should know about your diapers.

You can get gifts, rewards and coupons for buying them.

First there is HUGGIES enjoy the ride rewards.

Every time you buy a pack of diapers, little swimmers or wipes

you get a code that looks like this…

*Note: Codes can only be used 1 time… so this one won’t work for you!

You’ll find these codes inside of the diapers bag.

Or you’ll find them on the backside of the peeled off label on their wipes.

Once you retrieve your reward code you have to go to the HUGGIES website to log it in.

You’ll enter your codes into a box that looks like this.

Then it’ll calculate how many points to give you.

(You get more points for a Jumbo Box of diapers then wipes.)

Once you accumulate a lot of points you can shop with them in the rewards catalog.

You can get things like toys, magazines or a pack of Little Swimmers.

You can even get more FREE diapers!

I personally just cashed in some of my points for this.

‘Cause I am a coffee fanatic!

Now I am starting over again with my points and I’ll let someone else like my husband or kids redeem the points next time.

Next is PAMPERS gifts to grow rewards.

You will find their code stickers in the same places as the HUGGIES

(inside the bag of diapers and on the backside of the peeled label)

Your code will look like this.

Once you retrieve your reward code you have to go to the PAMPERS website to log it in.

Your box to enter them in looks like this.

It, as well, will calculate how many points to give you judging by the size of your diaper package or wipes.

Once you accumulate a lot of points you can go shopping in their rewards catalog as well.

You can get toys, training supplies, books and much more!

The point of this post is… if we are FORCED to spend money on diapers for our babies

then I think it’s only fair they give something back to us for it!

Now go collect your codes and get started.


Club Cards, Reward Cards & Gift Cards… Oh My!

How do you store all of those Reward, Club and Gift Cards?

There are a few different ways I would recommend for you so that you always have them when you need them and they would be easy to find!

First off… if you have a coupon organizer binder, you can use one of your extra 9 pocket insert sheets as a card holder.

I would recommend putting it as the very first page in front of your index.

You can stack the cards back to back to view on each side which would give you 18 slots.

You could even stack them by category too.

If you’re like me, you own a label maker because you like to label everything!

This is a pretty cheap one that does the job!

You can label your 9 pocket insert sheets and stack the cards in each slot!

Another option if you have the coupon organizer binder is the dual sided pouch.

I actually include these in most of the binders I sell in my shop!

One side is a your normal every day pouch that holds everything you need to coupon like your pencils, paperclips, scissors, etc.

The other side actually has slots that are perfect for all those cards!

Another option is actually the one I personally use.

You can have this whether you own a coupon organizer binder or not.

Awhile back my mother-in-law was looking for something to hold all of her gift cards.

She came upon this…

It’s called a Card Cubby.

It’s about the size of a kids juice box and fits easily in your purse.

What’s great about it is… when you open it up there are index cards that are alphabetized to easily store any card you have by its name.

My mother-in-law got one for each of us girls in her family and mine LIVES in my purse!

Whenever I am at a store… I just go to the letter of that store and there’s my card.

I am an animal print girl… so this is the one I have.

Any of the options listed are great options… but the Card Cubby is my favorite!

How do you store yours?