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TARGET Stackable Coupons for ENFAMIL Baby Formula!

If you are anything like me… you think prices on baby formula are outrageous!

Between all our “need” to buys… like Diapers, Formula and GAS!

I REFUSE to pay full price for the ones I don’t have too!

Here is a great deal for ENFAMIL baby formula that will save you some big bucks!

If you go to the ENFAMIL website… you can print a $5/1 coupon.

You can print two coupons per computer.


If you still have your 3/4 SS you’ll have a coupon for $5/2

 expires: 4/30/12


Now go to the Target Coupon website and print your (2) coupons for $2/1

 expires: 4/14/12


About once a month Target will put their formulas on special where you can

BUY 2 get $5 Gift Certificate in Return!


Check Out Round-up

(2) Enfamil Baby Formula (22.2oz) – $47

(2) $5/1 Manufacturer Coupon – $10

(2) $2/1 Target Coupon – $4

Total – $33

Pay with your Target Debit card for 5% off

Grand Total – $31

*Note – These are approximate totals… prices may very at your Target store

Upon checkout you’ll receive a $5 gift card back!

Total Savings of… $21!!!

(That’s almost a free can of formula!)

 Tip… break your trip into 2 transactions so that you can use the $5 GC on your second transaction for immediate savings.



Cheap Diapers Makes for Free Chicken!

Here is a nice little shopping scenario at target!

In this past weeks SmartSource 10/30 there is a great coupon for TARGET to get a $5.00 gift card if you buy $25 dollars worth of Kimberly-Clark products.

Transaction #1

(2) Packs of Size 1 HUGGIES diapers – $18.98 ($9.49ea)

(1) Pack of Size 4 HUGGIES diapers – $9.99

(3) $2/1 Any pack of HUGGIES diaper coupons. (Found in SmartSource 10/23)

(1) $5 Free Gift Card Coupon (SmartSource 10/30)

Total – $22.97 (Plus $5 GC for Transaction #2)


Transaction #2

(2) Packs of Chicken that EACH had a $2.00 off coupons attached to them…

Total – $6.63

1 Box of Bounce Dryer Sheets (Found in clearance for $1.68)…

Had $0.50 Manufacturer Coupon from P&G 10/30

& $0.50 Target Coupon From SmartSource 9/25

Total – $0.68

1 Shampoo and 1 Conditioner by John Frieda (Brilliant Brunette)


Used my John Frieda Target Scenario

Total – $2.98


Transaction #2 Total – $10.29

Used my $5 GC from Transaction #1

Total – $5.29

Grand Total of Shopping Trip


 $23.00 (55%) Savings

(That’s the price of what the diapers would have been without any coupons!)

Ad Matching & Coupon Stacking at Rite Aid for L’Oreal Lipstick

Do you like to wear Lipstick?

I found and AWESOME deal at Rite Aid for L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick.

Right now at Rite Aid

L’OREAL Face & Lip (excludes eye) Buy One, Get Second One at 50% Off Regular Retail price with wellness+ card

Grab your Redplums (10/2) to clip your $1.00 off L’Oreal Cosmetic Manufacturer coupons
Rite Aid Video Values $2.00 L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick coupon.
*Here’s where it gets tricky but the savings are unbelievable*
Create a separate email account for Rite Aid Video Values so you can get a 2nd L’Oreal Lip Coupon.
Now you have (2) Manufacturer Coupons from your RedPlums
(This is why you get multiple newspapers!)
And (2) Rite Aid Video Values L’Oreal Lip Coupons.
On AVERAGE the cost of this lipstick is around $7.00.
Buy One Get One 50% off and your now at ~$10.50 for 2
With all 4 of your coupons take off $6.00
Your total for 2 Lipsticks will be…
Go get your Rite Aid Coupons now!
Click Here…

CVS Coupon & Sale Scenario

Ever go to a store and feel like you just ROBBED them?

Well I did today at:

Here is what I bought today.

After studying the ad and gathering some coupons, I grabbed my shopping list and broke my transactions down to 2 transactions and figured I would leave the store spending a little over $12.00.

Let’s see if I was right!

Transaction #1

What I found in the CVS Ad:

(2) Pks of HUGGIES Slip-on Diapers (2/$18); Used (2) $3.00 off coupons from the smartsource 9/11 = $12.00

(2) Bottles of SIMILAC Easy Pour Formula on sale for $5.00; Used (2) $5.00 Similac Instant Rebate Checks from StrongMoms = FREE

(1) 2L Bottle of Diet Pepsi = $0.97

(I needed to get a 5th item, the Pepsi, in my transaction because I had another CVS extracare/coupon from the Coupon Stand & you can’t have more coupons than the # of items in your transaction.)

From the:

Transaction #1 Total (w/tax)=$11.40

Once I completed this transaction, I got my $10 extracare/coupon on my receipt from the CVS Ad.

Transaction #2

(2) Bottles of Herbal Essences on sale $2.66ea; I used (2) $1.00 off Herbal Essences Coupons from the Redplum 8/07 = $3.32

(1) 6pk Scott Paper Towels on sale for $4.77; I used (1) $1.00 off Scott Towels Coupon from the Smartsource 9/11 = $3.77

(4) Cans of Solid White Albacore Tuna on sale for 4/$5 = $5.00

Used my $10.00 extracare/coupon from transaction #1

Transaction #2 total (w/taxes) =  $2.87

Transaction #1 + Transaction #2 =


Total Savings – $44.12

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