About Me

My name is Carolyn and I am a wife to a perfectly loving father named Jason. I couldn’t have chosen a better man to father my children.

 Together we have 3 kids!

There are two things I enjoy most in life (other than being a wife & mother that is) it’s baking and shopping. I think shopping goes on the top!

People ask me why I got so much into coupons when on the outside… it looked like we had EVERYTHING and we always got to do SO MUCH. We took many vacations, both big and small, had 3 vehicles and weren’t very frugal. Well… I’ll tell you my story.

I worked for a corporate restaurant for a LONG time and worked my way up to where I was getting promoted pretty much every year. Once I had become the Assistant General Manager and General Manager of this restaurant, I found that I was a 28-year-old girl who was making a lot of money! My husband also was having a lucky streak and the work just seemed to keep on coming for him too! We had time shares, retirement funds, great health insurance and we were finally going to be purchasing our very own home.

All of that was about to change literally with a blink of an eye.

In 2010, on Halloween, I had found out that I was pregnant for the THIRD time! Now… usually this isn’t bad news except my second child was still only 7 months old (yikes) and I was a General Manager of this very “well-known” corporate restaurant. I was putting in around 50 to 60 hours a week (not to mention the hours I put in while I was even home). Well one week… yes ONE WEEK before Christmas I unfortunately lost my job AND the house that we had escrow closing in 4 days. This was a very sad time for my family and I. We decided I would not work for the rest of my pregnancy and my husband and his fathers contracting business would just have to see us through. Needless to say the economy just kept plummeting and my husbands lucky streak was over and he wasn’t working much anymore either.

This is where the couponing comes in!

I had always known how to coupon. My step mother was very into it and we had our own little stock pile in the garage. When I moved out and lived on my own, I loved going to their house because I would come home with a box full of groceries! So it was always in my blood, I just never felt the need to apply it to my own lifestyle. So when all those unfortunate chain of events hapened in my own families lives, I started getting very serious about coupons. I took the knowledge of what I already knew and was on the compter reading blogs and websites learning how to get better. I was able to start “stocking” up on supplies so that once the baby came, we would have everything we needed.

I started collecting SO MANY coupons that I had to create a coupon organizer binder for myself just so that I could be organized and more successful at my savings. Everywhere I went, people commented on my organizer and asked me how to go about getting one. Then this light bulb went off in my head. I started slowly selling them on eBay and with the profits I bought more supplies to make and sell more. Pretty soon, I was selling around 20/week! I think that crazy show “Extreme Couponing” helped me out with my sales a bit… but that show was not the reason I couponed myself. Just coincidence I guess.

In all, I think we only get thrown at us what we can handle and we are always supposed to find a lesson in things. I’ve learned many lessons… and now that I have a job again and my husband, who recently got his own contractors license, has business picking back up, I’ve learned that you should NEVER pay full price for ANYTHING! I will also be a lot less frivolous with my spending!!! Now we shop smart, save and will be ready for any curve balls that may come in the future!

  1. What a hard-working Mom you are!! Your children are so lucky to have you. For better or for worse… So is your hubby. I love how you and Jay have pulled together to get through this crazy, difficult time. You are a great roll model for many young parents… and for me;)

  2. Your story is very touching. When it rains, it pours! It’s great that your turned something so hard in your lives into profiting!

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