HELLO! Remember me?

Phew… it’s been quite a crazy 5 months since I’ve last posted!

Let me do a quick “speed” catch up for you…



I am now a part-time waitress at a wonderful restaurant called…

I decided to not go back to a full-time job since I am trying to raise my three kiddos…

oh yeah, so my baby… is 9 months old already!

Can you believe it?


Here is the chain of events that have had me trying to figure out my new “Life Routine”


Got the job!

Now enjoying the great perks too…


Sister-in-law got diagnosed with cancer. 😦

 Don’t worry… she’s doing GREAT!

(You can follow her journey at her blog LilBlueBoo.)


My first daughter turned 2!


Best friend had a bachelorette party…

 Wine tasting! Used coupons too!


Then she got married!


“Choose Joy” Luncheon for my Sister-in-Law!


AND SO MUCH MORE… that filled in all the cracks of these stories!

Sports, events, etc.


I still coupon aggressively!

With all the formula, diapers, packed lunches… the list goes on!

I still LOVE to save money.

I will periodically post my finds and coupon “sneak peaks”.

Just the other day I went to target and got my $190 dollar bill down to $98! It was almost a $100 savings!

Glad to be back… and remember…

 Words to live by.



About CKCustomCouponing

I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children, 1 boy and 2 girls! There are two things I REALLY enjoy doing... Baking & Shopping! I enjoy shopping a little too much! So I've found ways to still do and get all the things I want and need without spending all my cash! It's called coupons and smart shopping! I am here to share my new found knowledge with you!

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