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TARGET Stackable Coupons for ENFAMIL Baby Formula!

If you are anything like me… you think prices on baby formula are outrageous!

Between all our “need” to buys… like Diapers, Formula and GAS!

I REFUSE to pay full price for the ones I don’t have too!

Here is a great deal for ENFAMIL baby formula that will save you some big bucks!

If you go to the ENFAMIL website… you can print a $5/1 coupon.

You can print two coupons per computer.


If you still have your 3/4 SS you’ll have a coupon for $5/2

 expires: 4/30/12


Now go to the Target Coupon website and print your (2) coupons for $2/1

 expires: 4/14/12


About once a month Target will put their formulas on special where you can

BUY 2 get $5 Gift Certificate in Return!


Check Out Round-up

(2) Enfamil Baby Formula (22.2oz) – $47

(2) $5/1 Manufacturer Coupon – $10

(2) $2/1 Target Coupon – $4

Total – $33

Pay with your Target Debit card for 5% off

Grand Total – $31

*Note – These are approximate totals… prices may very at your Target store

Upon checkout you’ll receive a $5 gift card back!

Total Savings of… $21!!!

(That’s almost a free can of formula!)

 Tip… break your trip into 2 transactions so that you can use the $5 GC on your second transaction for immediate savings.



Wanna Win Victoria’s Secret Coupons?

Let’s play a little game!

Who likes… No… LOVES

Victoria Secret?

I Do… I Do!!!

That’s why I get Coupons and Gift Certificates all the time!

The first person to get 10 people to like my page will have these mailed to them tomorrow!

Have your 10 people mention that you sent them and the one to get to 10 first… yours!

Investigate the Un-Expected Curve Balls!

So… literally right after my most recent post… I found out the Lamp in my 52″ Samsung went out!

Or shall I say…


 See the little shattered glass pieces?!

Now, my husband works 2 hours away Monday through Fridays… so I am left single parenting and even having to take care of the “man” stuff around the house!

Picture it… me trying to get behind a huge TV with a screwdriver… looking up instructions on the internet on how to get to the damn lamp! All the whilst my two daughters are getting in my way and I am praying that I don’t topple the TV over! (Phew)

So I text the picture to my husband and he calls back right away…

Him- “How did you get the lamp out!?”

Me- “I looked it up on the internet!”

Him- “Oh… well looks like you’ll have to get online and order a new one… should be around $100”

Me- “Yikes… ok.”

Him- “Well… at least if it comes while I’m not there, you know how to put it back in!”

Me- “Oh Yay!”


So I got online and googled the lamp code and saw this…



BP96-00224J Samsung DLP TV Lamp

BP96-00224J Samsung TV Lamp Replacement with cage assembly included. Same Day Shipping. 3 Month unconditional no-risk warranty. Lamp Assembly with High Quality Original Bulb Inside.

BP9600224J Lamp Replacement
BP96-00224J Projection TV Lamp
w/Quality Original Bulb Inside

List Price: $263.20

Sale Price: $188.00

(27) units currently in stock



It’s $188 on SALE?!?!


So of course I spent the next 20 minutes surfing the internet price checking (and checking the s/h fees) and finally found THIS ONE!


Item condition: New
Time left: 20 days 2 hours (Apr 10, 2012 02:35:09 PM PDT)
More than 10 available
Price: US $57.29 Buy It NowBuy It Now
Watch this item
Shipping: FREE shipping Read item description or contact seller for details.
30 day exchange, buyer pays return shipping
NEW eBay Buyer Protection -- Learn more

Yippee! Gotta love eBay! And I got eBay bucks in return for the purchase!

That’s like over $100 less!

So until I get my lamp back for this…

I’ll be watching TV on this!

Too Spoiled! 

HELLO! Remember me?

Phew… it’s been quite a crazy 5 months since I’ve last posted!

Let me do a quick “speed” catch up for you…



I am now a part-time waitress at a wonderful restaurant called…

I decided to not go back to a full-time job since I am trying to raise my three kiddos…

oh yeah, so my baby… is 9 months old already!

Can you believe it?


Here is the chain of events that have had me trying to figure out my new “Life Routine”


Got the job!

Now enjoying the great perks too…


Sister-in-law got diagnosed with cancer. 😦

 Don’t worry… she’s doing GREAT!

(You can follow her journey at her blog LilBlueBoo.)


My first daughter turned 2!


Best friend had a bachelorette party…

 Wine tasting! Used coupons too!


Then she got married!


“Choose Joy” Luncheon for my Sister-in-Law!


AND SO MUCH MORE… that filled in all the cracks of these stories!

Sports, events, etc.


I still coupon aggressively!

With all the formula, diapers, packed lunches… the list goes on!

I still LOVE to save money.

I will periodically post my finds and coupon “sneak peaks”.

Just the other day I went to target and got my $190 dollar bill down to $98! It was almost a $100 savings!

Glad to be back… and remember…

 Words to live by.