A Great Coupon Stacker for $10 at Target!

Right now TARGET has great coupons for toys! Whether you get your Mobile Coupons, go on their Coupon Website or received the Toy Coupon Insert in your Sunday Paper on 11/6.

I am having a Transformers themed birthday party for my son on Saturday and have been searching for a good gift. I came upon this stacker and found the right one!

The coupon stacker is for…

KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime

You’ll find the Manufacturer coupon at Coupons.com

$5.00 off (Expires 11/27)


And you’ll find the  $5 off Target Coupon in 3 different places…

Online at the Target Coupon Website


Your Mobile Target Coupons


Or the Toy Coupon Insert from Sunday Paper 11/6

That’s a total of $10 savings on this awesome toy that ANY boy would be excited to open.

So whether it’s a Birthday or early Christmas Shopping… you HAVE to take advantage of this one!



About CKCustomCouponing

I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children, 1 boy and 2 girls! There are two things I REALLY enjoy doing... Baking & Shopping! I enjoy shopping a little too much! So I've found ways to still do and get all the things I want and need without spending all my cash! It's called coupons and smart shopping! I am here to share my new found knowledge with you!

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