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Some Great Magazine Coupons

When you have some down time… what do you like to do?

Me? Well if I actually GET some down time… I love to read magazines.

US Weekly is my #1 Choice.

I actually subscribe to this magazine!

If you like to read magazines like I do… then I’ll provide you with some coupons for them!

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Same Paper… Different Regions… Different Coupons!

My husband came walking through the door with 3 LA Times in his arms last night!

Some wives like flowers…

I like getting coupons!

These LA Times were from a different County than the County we live in.

I found something interesting.

Same Newspaper… Different Regions… Different Coupons!

My LA Times came with this coupon

And the LA Times he brought home didn’t have that coupon… but had this one instead!

I happen to know a thing or two about this restaurant ;)… and I know they have some REALLY good food.

CPK Take-out, Here we come!

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs with Cinnamon, Apples & Onions

I defrosted my two packs of Pork Ribs on Saturday night, that I got from Albertsons for BOGO!

I was expecting my husband to come home after being gone for a week, so I wanted to have a special, yummy dinner for him… but still not spend a lot of money.

I was on looking up MANY different recipes, just not finding one that I liked. I ended up taking around 3 different recipes and merging them together, hoping that I wasn’t going to mess this up.

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs with Cinnamon, Apples & Onions


3 pounds of Baby Back Pork Ribs (You can use any ribs you like though)

2 Tart Apples

1 Yellow/Gold Onion

1 Can Beef Broth


BBQ Sauce

Method of Preparation:

My ribs came pre-seasoned, otherwise I would recommend just rubbing them with a little SeasonAll.

Set your oven to the “broiler” setting and put your ribs on a broiler pan. You’ll be broiling your ribs for about 15 minutes for two reasons:

1. It’ll sear and “crisp” the outer meat of your ribs.

2. It’ll drain most of the fat off your ribs! (Healthier meal!)

Now you have 15 minutes to prepare the rest of your meal.

Get your onion… I used only half of it but you can use the entire thing too!

Slice it… (Not dice it!)

Now grab your two tart apples to de-core and slice them too!

This apple slicer is THE BEST! Saves time and gives you perfectly sliced apples.

Dump your entire can of beef broth into your crock pot. (I use broth because it keeps your meat really moist. Nobody likes dry meat!)

Place 50% of your apples and 50% of your onions in the broth.

Take about a 1/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkle it over all the ingredients.

By this time, your timer should be going off and your ribs are ready to go!

Perfectly seared… and look at all that fat that you WON’T be eating!

Place all your ribs on top of the ingredients in your crock pot. Cover them with the remaining apples and onions.

Put the lid on and set it on a Slow Low Cook.

*Tip I learned from “The Crock Pot Girls”… The High and Low settings cook at the same temperature. The high setting gets you to the simmering state much quicker than the low setting.

Now you have 8 hours to do your cleaning, laundry or COUPONING!

(8 hours later)

Take your ribs out of the crock pot and discard all other ingredients.

Carefully (because they’ll want to fall apart) place the ribs on foil to get ready to start brushing them with the BBQ sauce.

*Tip: Start on the bottom side of your ribs first.

Brush both sides, generously, with a BBQ sauce of your choice. You’ll use about half the bottle.

(I chose Kansas City Hickory with a hint of Molasses)

Now place the ribs BACK into the slow cooker and let them cook for about 30 to 40 more minutes.

This is when you start cooking your side dishes.

(30 to 40 minutes later)

I served them with corn that I had wrapped in foil with butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder and a hint of sugar and cooked on the BBQ.

Also with some simple, homestyle mashed potatoes with just butter, milk, salt & pepper and I whipped them with hand beaters.



My husband was VERY impressed since he usually does most of the cooking! (I Bake)

We ate every single last rib and used about 8 paper towels!

Price of Dinner Round Up:

3 pounds ribs (BOGO) – $8.25

1 Onion – $0.89

2 Gala Apples – $0.99

2 Corn on Cob – $0.98

Potatoes (Still using 10lb bag from previous shopping trip)

BBQ Sauce (Have plenty of in my stock pile!)

Cinnamon (Had in my spice rack)

Total for dinner: $11.20

(Going out to a restaurant for this dinner would have cost us well over $50.00!)

Wendy’s Kids Coupon Book – Hurry & Get Yours NOW!

Starting now at Wendy’s, you can pick up a “kids” coupon book for $1.00.

Inside of this little book is 5 coupons for a FREE Jr. Frosty!

We can teach our kids, early, how to use coupons!

*Tip: Have THEM hand the coupons to the register clerk to get it themselves!

5 Great Ways to Use These Coupons!

  • Rewards for your kids when they do some chores.
  • Keep your kids quiet for a little while on some errands you need to run.
  • Swing by and pick one up for yourself!
  • Kid Bribery!
  • Give them out for Halloween to Trick-or-Treaters instead of candy.

($15.00 will buy you 75 coupons… that’s about how much you’d spend on Candy for Halloween anyways!)

Coupons are valid from 11/1/11 to 2/1/12 – Hurry and get yours… there are only a limited supply.

A Little Peek at What Just Got Started at My House!

Day # 7 of Husband being out of town for work.

BUT… he’ll be home just in time for dinner tonight!

So I started something yummy and easy and I can focus on my coupons and ad matching and NOT making dinner.


I just pressed Start!

 Meat look familiar? Click –> HERE

We’ll let you know how it turned out tonight.


Crazy for Coupons! 9/25 Coupon Round UP!


Went and grabbed my LA Times this morning and it was like Christmas in September!

Make sure you go through your ENTIRE paper because I found these all separate from each other.

TWO Smartsource inserts

Our good ol’ Redplum

The CVS Manufacturer Insert

AND a bonus… LOREAL coupons from Walgreens!

Now I just have to find some great shopping trips to send us all on!